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Google Search Lite is a pint-sized version of the classic Google Search app, geared mainly towards countries with slower internet connections. From the main menu within this app you get quick access to Google search engine, image search, news, Google translator, and weather updates.

Thanks to its integrated browser, you can search any web page directly from the app, while consuming a tiny amount of your monthly data.

Google Search Lite offers all of Google's best features, while taking 15x less space on your local smartphone memory and consuming much less data. All in all, Google's newest addition is making a very promising prospect for mid-range smartphone users.
Google's lite version of their email service is finally here: Gmail Go

Google continues to amaze us with the steady arrival of compact versions of their most popular apps, with the latest gem being Gmail Go. The top email manager now has a very interesting "lite" version that looks almost exactly the same as the original app but takes up half the memory space. It's an alternative that you can now download from Uptodown with no geographic restrictions.
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Here are the Android Go apps already available for download

One of Google's goals recently is to make sure everyone in the world can use their services and apps regardless of device model or quality of coverage. With this in mind, Android Go is an operating system based on Android Oreo that takes these limitations into account. In addition to the arrival of this new OS, Google has also trimmed the fat off their apps to make lighter, smaller versions of a many popular apps. Here, we've put together a list of the Google Go apps that are available for download on Android. 
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Android 4.2 or higher required